Petra Wille is a qualified engineer with a degree in Information Technology. She previously held posts at SAP, Hubert Burda Media, tolingo GmbH and XING AG.

Since 2013 she is a freelance product manager bringing new products to life for her customers. Her work is always based on agile project methods and she is mainly working with international and often dispersed development teams. Besides of that she coaches and consults product organizations by teaching state of the art product development methods.

Last year she created a deck of cards with 52 questions ranging from simple to philosophical – all geared towards effective self-coaching for product management folks.

Alongside her freelance work, Petra is a huge kite-surfing enthusiast, and is writing for a german blog called produktbezogen.de.




What I can do for you

Happy customers

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A client becomes your client due to the fact that you’re offering them what they’re looking for and because they don’t have to think for a moment about your service, your platform, your company: “That simple? Fantastic!”

But how is simple made really simple? To arrive at an answer here, I gain an understanding of your clients with you, recommend methods, point out user requirements and expectations, and make suggestions for improvement. If required I can then also develop concepts for implementing these recommendations, working together with your software development team where this makes sense.

Keywords: design thinking, user centered design, usability, low-fi & high-fi prototyping, usability testing, user journeys, personas, requirements engineering, product management, information architecture, …

Happy clients

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How best should the teamwork between developers, interaction designers, product managers and the Marketing team be organised? This can sometimes be a tricky and delicate business. If all else fails including good literature on the subject, I offer 6 years of practical experience in precisely this area.

When it comes to the general organisational development of start-ups, I am also more than happy to provide my expertise.

Keywords: agile development, scrum, kanban, agile UX, bootstrapping, …

Investment in security

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There’s someone missing from the due diligence team of experts who understands precisely what the planned start-up does from the product side and whether “the app” has the potential to take off? Someone who can assess whether or not the development roadmap makes sense and explain the thinking behind the development priorities? Someone who can quickly detect whether the right people are on board? I will gladly answer all of these questions in collaboration with founders, first employees and for your investment managers.

Keywords: due-diligence, team audit, startup consulting, interim management, lean startup, …